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About us

Our Beliefs

Organic Housekeeping believes everyone deserves a clean home. We believe a clean home leads to a healthier life. We believe a clean home de-clutters the mind. We believe a clean home leads to growth.
Organic Housekeeping is a cleaning service founded on the principles of healthy living, effective communication, and superior cleaning. Organic Housekeeping has both a Vision for the future of the company and a daily mission to reach its vision.

Our Vision

To provide a healthier life for all of our customers. To clean the environment with organic cleaning solutions and a superior professional cleaning one home at a time. To allow our customers to grow by cleaning their homes. To provide an environment in which our customers can be proud to call home.

Our Mission

A quality cleaning service requires understanding what the customer wants even if that changes over time. A commitment to enhanced, effective communication with its customer will result in a superior professional cleaning. Organic Cleaning Products: A commitment to cleaning with premium eco friendly chemicals results in a cleaner home and environment for everyone to enjoy. Professional Service: An expert training program for all members of Organic Housekeeping’s team will ensure a reliable and consistent professional cleaning for every home, every day.